Dalton Harts

Composer, Producer, Drummer


Dalton Harts is a composer, sound designer, and drummer based in New York City. He is a recent graduate from the Electronic Production & Design program at Berklee College of Music, where he was awarded the KAO Infosystems Award in 2013. His projects are diverse and range from film score and music for various multimedia to post-production audio and sound design, as well as collaborations with various songwriters and musicians.

He was a member of the Berklee Interdisciplinary Art Institute, in which he authored several multimedia works including "Pedestrian Music," an ambience-based sound installation inside MIT’s Building 7 Dome, as well as a 16-story interactive musical light installation for the ribbon cutting of Berklee’s 160 Massachusetts Avenue tower in concert with fellow student Jason Lim and under the guidance of faculty member Neil Leonard

Since 2010, Harts has worked as a music instructor at Sociedad Latina, a community outreach organization in Mission Hill. Through leadership roles in the Youth Music Ambassador Program, community classes, as well as work in Boston Public Schools, Harts has won three awards for his work at Sociedad Latina, including the Berklee Urban Service Award, the Service to the Berklee Community Award, as well as the Mission Hill Youth Collaborative Supernova Award.




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Here's the latest collaboration with singers Audreal & Kevin. Melody and lyrics by Kevin Erskine. The visuals were programmed in Jitter.

songwriter, producer, visuals

It was super fun to be a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Berklee's new tower at 160 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. With direction from faculty-member Neil Leonard plus lighting guru John Powell, a small team of students from the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute created this 16-story light installation with custom DMX converters built by Jason Lim and lighting sequences programmed by myself in Max/MSP. The system was completely playable in realtime using midi controllers, hence the theme "Play the Building." Here you can see a clip from the perfomance, plus some footage of the light show mixed in. Kudos to expert beatboxers Tracy L. J. Robertson and Gene Shinozaki

drummer, programmer


Latest drumming work with alternative folk aficionados
The Western Den. Produced by Matt Hogan.


Electronic music

Pedestrian Music is a musical sound installation in the lobby of Building 7 on MIT's campus in Cambridge. It uses custom software to isolate musical tones from the incoming room noise (footsteps, conversations, doors closing, etc.), creating a strange musical texture from the ambient sound of the space. Passersby can also get closer to the microphone to sing, clap, jingle their keys, or any strange sound into it for interesting effects, which are played back through four speakers placed in the corners of the space.

It is part of Resonating MIT in conjunction with MIT's ACT department and the Berklee Interdisciplinary Art Institute with help from fellow students Ni Cai and Longrui Peng.

composer, programmer


It was an amazing opportunity to represent Berklee in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil this summer for our performances in the third Bahia Biennale and an exchange with the University Federal da Bahia!

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